Montag, 5. August 2013

Very recently ...

I don*t like stealing this from other people, BUT recently a friend of mine linked to this article on fitocracy. Reading through it somehow helped the self-bashing side of me, which DOES EXIST, to really try to focus on doing more of what I want to do, both eating-wise and sport-wise. Sport-wise is somewhat easy; usually I love sports that are not that monotonous, that require quick decisions sometimes, that also (partly) allow improvisation, and so on.

All in all, I am a huge fan of dancing. Many different kinds of dancing, even. :D Although maybe some people wouldn*t suspect it, I do adore industrial dancing, hiphop dancing, bellydancing, parapara (Yes, I count this as something extra :P), hoop dancing, and, and, and ... As for industrial dancing, you might come along this video when looking for examples. (I just love the "try-to-dance-industrial group" in the beginning because they don*t take themselves too seriously. Which is absolutely a plus!!)

But then there*s the eating point. I already cut out soda several weeks ago, and am doing fine with sticking to that, yet I don*t know what else I could do. All sides do tend to claim "Our product is best!!", and while some say, "No carbs!", others are against fat, and whatnot. Some also say that you shouldn*t eat anything after 6pm.

My problem is, I need breakfast, and one diet I have been doing says "Only fruits as breakfast, and on the weekends / on two days of the week, you can eat a musli or two slices of bread!" ... If I don*t get something "nice" for breakfast, I get really grumpy and tend to verbally attack others. It has happened before, and it is not nice.

Then, at lunch time, I don*t have many problems adjusting to certain plans. But since I eat breakfast (as in, slices of bread/musli) every day, I am scared now that this might not reduce weight that much? :( I am an ovo-lacto-vegetarian, too, but have been that ever since I was 11 years old (so approximately 18 years now). I*d *love* to go vegan, though. The thing is, whatsoever, I have cats, and I don*t want to feed them vegan food, so I will still have to support the ones slaughtering animals :(. [So it is also a thought/ideology problem!] However, I*d love to try it. I have seen some really good vegan cooking books, so ... :)

And meals in the evening are not that important, either. I don*t like eating too "heavy" meals then, though. Do you have any tips or ideas concerning this? =)

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